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What is the meaning of equitable doctrine in Chinese and how to say equitable doctrine in Chinese? equitable doctrine Chinese meaning, equitable doctrine的中文,equitable doctrine的中文,equitable doctrine的中文,translation, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by
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equitable (a.)公平的,公正的 Enter chinese/english word(s), Taiwan address or math. expression :
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equitable doctrine of approximation的中文意思是什 …

中文 English Search Search for: equitable doctrine of approximation Glossary, 英漢法律詞匯 / EQUITABLE DOCTRINE OF APPROXIMATION, 衡平法上的近似原則 衡平法上的近似原則 這條原則與要求盡可能接近立遺囑人意圖的原則〔cy pres doctrine〕不同
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Breach of confidence in English law
Breach of confidence in English law is an equitable doctrine that allows a person to claim a remedy when their confidence has been breached. A duty of confidence arises when confidential information comes to the knowledge of a person in circumstances in which it
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The Doctrine of Equitable Estoppel in the Law of …

One of the earliest cases considering equitable estoppel is Pinnel’s Case. In this case, the court of common pleas held that one cannot use a lesser sum to satisfy the debt of a larger sum. The court however added that if a new item of payment is added, it could serve as consideration for the foregoing of the initial debt.
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The Equitable Doctrine of Notice: the purchaser must …

The doctrine of notice is used to sort out the priority of equitable interests where land is unregistered and not governed by the Land Charges Act 1925. For a potential purchaser or mortgagee to take ownership of land free from any other equitable interest in that property , they must prove that they are a bona fide purchaser of a legal estate for value without notice.
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The Doctrine of Notice
The doctrine of notice applies in unregistered land to determine priority of equitable interests not governed by the Land Charges Act 1925. The most significant of which is the beneficial interest under a trust. Under the doctrine of notice, a bona fide purchaser of a legal estate for value takes priority over any pre-existing equitable interest which is not registrable as a land charge
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[法律小辭典] Doctrine of Prosecution History Estoppel (禁反言 …

[法律小辭典] Doctrine of Prosecution History Estoppel (禁反言論) Prosecution history estoppel, also known as file-wrapper estoppel, is a term used in United States patent law to indicate that a person who has filed a patent application, and then makes has no
An Overview On Doctrine of Estoppel
The doctrine has been variously described as “equitable estoppel”, “quasi estoppel” and “new estoppel. The Doctrine is not really based on the principle of estoppel, but it is a doctrine evolved by equity in order to prevent injustice where a promise made by a person knowing that it would be acted on, it is inequitable to allow the party making the promise to go back upon it.
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